Tristan Coopersmith, who in January accused Republic Records president and “The Four” judge Charlie Walk of sexual misconduct, has only one regret about coming forward with her account.

Just minutes after posting an open letter to Walk on her business website, Coppersmith said she was inundated with angry messages from internet trolls — an unexpected side effect that made her fear for her son’s safety.

“I was informed by lawyers that I needed to not go to work for the week and to send security with my son to school for the week and that really stopped me dead in my tracks,” Coopersmith told TheWrap. “I’ve done something that clearly matters, which was amazing, but now how do I navigate this?”

Much of her time was taken up by “the dark side of it,” Coppersmith said. “I really wanted to live in the light side of it because I did feel such liberation and freedom.”

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