The Garden is David Ferry Jr.’s first foray into long-form filmmaking. It is a Terrence Malik-esque impressionistic, visual experience which centers around a woman, Eve, and studies various themes including love, ideals, and society’s influence on the human condition.

The story centers around Eve, played by Kristen Rakes, who finds herself in a mundane and passionless relationship and begins to question her life choices through revisiting her childhood aspirations. What happened to the ideals she looked forward to as a little girl? Why isn’t she the princess that she thought she would grow up to be? Where is her prince? Through searching for truth and happiness while dealing with regret over the death of her mother, Eve embarks on a fantastical journey in which she learns to balance expectations with reality while trying to face the ever-present notion of nature and simplicity versus the complexity of technology and convoluted modern society.

The Garden’s important themes set against beautiful imagery and captivating soundscapes will not only move and entertain the audience but will also engage them and make them think.

We know that every production loves their cast, but we truly couldn’t make a movie like this without the wonderful, patient people that share our passion for this film.

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