Today, Kitty Green is an acclaimed writer and director, having brought her first directorial feature film, “The Assistant,” to the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. But Green says that she’s still sometimes treated like an assistant, and still deals with other microaggressions aimed at women in the film industry.

“I’m a film director, but people assume I’m the assistant so I’m always handed a coat,” Green told TheWrap’s founder and CEO Sharon Waxman. “I have two male producers, James Schamus and Scott Macaulay, who are incredible, but when I meet someone, they say, so who gives you the ideas, is it Scott or James? There is this assumption that I’m not in charge or not in control. Those assumptions really rattle you as a filmmaker, you feel, no matter how much work I do, will anyone take me seriously? And then I thought, if I’m getting this and I’m a film director, what are people getting who are in lower positions, who don’t have as much power as I do, and how are they surviving all this?”

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