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Today on the show I have a good friend and fellow podcaster, Giles Alderson. Giles is not only a podcaster but a successful filmmaker, producer, and screenwriter. I’ve been on The Filmmaker’s Podcast a couple of times now and I just love talking shop with him. One day we got to talking and he told me the crazy story of his debut film The Dare, which cost over a million dollars.

The Dare starred Richard Brake (31, Batman Begins), Alexandra Evans (Redistributors), Bart Edwards (Fantastic Beasts), Richard Short (Vinyl, Public Enemies), Robert Maaser (M.I 5 Rogue Nation).

Giles Alderson has recently locked picture on his directed historical action feature Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot for Signature Ent and Picture Perfect. Starring Richard Short (Macbeth) Stella Stocker (The Good Liar) and Richard Brake (Game of Thrones).

I had to have him on the show to share his misadventures in making a million-dollar debut feature film. Get ready for one whale of a tale.  Enjoy my conversation with Giles Alderson.

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