David Harbour knows you’ve been shipping his character Jim Hopper and Winona Ryder’s Joyce Byers since “Stranger Things” debuted in 2016. And now that Season 3 of the Duffer Brothers-created Netflix sci-fi series is about to launch next week, the actor promises TheWrap “Jopper” fans will get what they’ve been writing fan fiction about for years.

“I know it’s really sweet actually, it’s one of the things I so love is that ‘ship-of-Jopper’ thing,” Harbour told TheWrap in the above interview. “There’s all these fans that are like 12 and 13 and they’re very interested in a middle-aged couple getting together. [It’s] confusing to me, but also really sweet and beautiful.”

“There will be a lot of content for you this season,” he said. “Your ‘thirst will be quenched,’ as the kids say.”

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