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Today on the is one of the bravest indie filmmakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, writer/director Benjamin Gilmour. His film Jirga was shot with a two person crew, a Sony A7s Camera he purchased at a local camera shop and an ever-changing​ screenplay. Did I mention he shot this film in Afghanistan​?

Three years after an Australian army helicopter raid on a small village led to the killing of an unarmed man, former Australian soldier Mike (Sam Smith) returns to Afghanistan to find the victim’s family. He sets off on a perilous journey over a terrain where both the Taliban and ISIS are active. Mike is determined to make amends and so puts his life in the hands of the Jirga – the village justice system. Jirga is screening in US cinemas in August

This unconventional film about the war in Afghanistan became Australia’s submission for the Oscar’s Foreign Language category in 2019. As we spoke on this episode my mouth keeps​​ dropping on the floor. One issue​ after another, with crazy stories and life-threating​g situations this episode has it all. I don’t​ want to hear any excuses. If you want to make your film you find a way to do it.

Enjoy my inspirational conversation with Benjamin Gilmour.



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