Learn From Filmmakers Who Are Doing It – A Night With James Cullen Bressack https://bit.ly/2Flk3FB

We are doing our best to replicate our interviews in a LIVE setting where we give you the opportunity to connect, participate and learn from working people in the business.

In that light, we know few who have been as prolific as James Cullen Bressack over the past 8 years. He has amassed 61 producing credits, 38 writing credits and 34 directing credits with the majority of his work being feature films.

We are blessed to have him join us right before he goes into production on a new action film that he will be directing. James has a lot to share and he wants this talk to include a lot of Q&A so it’s a great opportunity for you to be involved and get some meaningful answers.

Hope you will join us this Tuesday.

Here is the event link with more information – https://bit.ly/2Flk3FB

Music – Slay Well by Gunnar Olsen



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