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Today on the show we have two filmmakers that shot a sci-fi feature film with a $600 camera, three lights, no-budget, no stars and a dream. Amazingly they were still able to get worldwide distribution. The film is called COSMOS and the filmmakers are brothers Elliot Weaver & Zander Weaver.

COSMOS is a no-budget sci-fi feature film directed and self-produced by brothers Elliot Weaver & Zander Weaver, taking on all key crew roles throughout production, with the exception of writing the score.

The film is a contemporary sci-fi mystery following three amateur astronomers who accidentally intercept what they believe is a signal from an alien civilization. Realising they may have just stumbled across Mankindโ€™s greatest discovery, they must race to document their finding, prove its authenticity and share it with the world before it is lost forever. But the truth they uncover is even more incredible than any of them could have imagined.

Inspired by Amblin-era adventure, set over one night and against the backdrop of a World changing discovery, COSMOS offers spectacle and thrills but reminds us success is nothing without people to share it with.

You can see the insanity that they went through to make this film. They started pre-production in 2013 and production in 2015. They shot it on my favorite camera the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 1080p, the same camera I shot my indie feature On the Corner of Ego and Desire with. Their soundstage was built in their garage where they would build up and breakdown the set every night. The film took 5 years to complete.

The pure insanity of these filmmakers is awe inspiring. The brothers and I discuss what it took to make COSMOS, the tech they used, how they keep the actors for years and so much more.

Enjoy my inspiring conversation with Elliot and Zander Weaver.

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