— I can see my house from here! —

Happy New Year Everybody!

Having successfully moved my family and business from Santa Monica to Chicago, I am now back from my self-imposed, life-cycle sabbatical.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since my last post, but such is the nature of uprooting and re-rooting.  I realized not too long ago that I no longer needed to live in LA to be in the entertainment business, since most of my business is by referral or word-of-mouth; meaning I do more business with the people who call me than the people I meet with (the latter of whom generally just want to pick my brain.)  The film business started in Chicago and the city continues to have world class crews, talent, studios, resources, tax credits, capital, and more!

I look forward to elevating the industry dialogue with you all.

– Jeff


  1. It is good to have you back online but dare I ask, why Chicago? I spent three months there in the early 60s on a job and couldn’t wait to get out of there fast enough. You are right, of course, it is no longer necessary to be resident in L.A. to be in showbiz but there are so many other delightful options offering a loving climate and scenic surroundings – such as Switzerland, the Virgin Islands, Bora Bora, etc. At least your children will miss the “big one” if and when it happens and separates the Baja and California from the mainland.

    • News Flash Andy: Downtown Chicago is NOT what is was in the 60’s – and nor is Times Square, for that matter. I have decades of 300 days of sunshine stockpiled in my Vitamin D reserves, so this weather is exotic for me – they have seasons here! My earthquake reserves are also topped-up (they don’t even wake me up anymore.) No more traffic – we sold our cars – I get to walk everywhere. I even got a Fitbit!

  2. Congrats on the move and lifestyle change! Chi-town is like a second home to me. If you’re ever in the market for award-winning BBQ and up by Northwestern, stop in to Hecky’s – they’re family. 😉

  3. I always said I wanted to move back to Northern California and make films – and that I never wanted to be confined to living in one place – so I applaud your move. I couldn’t agree more about meetings. I do 80-90% of my work by phone and computer. LA has many lovely qualities, but I’ve never been convinced that they outweighed the traffic and schizophrenia.

  4. I’m the reverse. I left Chicago for Raleigh, but with the politicians bent on seeing our 25% film tax rebates going bye bye, I am likely either headed back to Chicago or Georgia. If politicians only knew the devastation they leave in the wake of a change in state film incentives…Argh! Anyway, welcome to Chicago, Jeff.


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