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Today’s guest is Paul Dudbridge, author of Making Your First Blockbuster: Write It. Film It. Blow it Up! Paul Dudbridge is a British director, producer, cinematographer, ​and educator, making feature films, television, commercials, and music videos. Paul started producing at the age of 11 when he roped in his father to shoot his first short film.

When the resulting footage didn’t match up to what he had seen in his head, Paul decided to go behind the camera himself, and from there the whole notion of making films; directing, scripts, shots and angles started to come about.

With over 20 years of​ experience in the business, Paul has numerous film and television credits to his name. His first broadcast credits include producing and directing ITV’s The Christmas Storybook, featuring legendary actor Joss Ackland, as well as directing music promos for MTV. His work as a cinematographer includes the action thriller By Any Name based on the best-selling book by Katherine John.

As a producer and director, he helmed the science-fiction series Horizon, which went on to win a number of awards at international film festivals, as well as earning Paul a Best Drama Director nomination at the Royal Television Society (WoE) awards in 2016. When not filming, Paul guest lectures at various universities and colleges around the country. Most recently, he ran the Writing and Directing module for the Master’s​ course at the University of Bristo​, taught Cinematography at Falmouth Film School, and Advanced Cinematography workshops for BECTU, the UK’s media and entertainment trade union. 

Enjoy my conversation with Paul Dudbridge.

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