So you want to make money with your film. Who doesn’t? I’ve always been a hustler, and I used that word in the most positive way I can. Filmmakers need to stop just thinking about art and start thinking about the business of filmmaking. They need to become Filmtrepreneurs. That is the only way filmmakers from this and future generations will survive in the business. I based my entire book Rise of the Filmtrepreneur on this philosophy.

Sure for every Chris Nolan, they’re millions of indie filmmakers that are broke, frustrated, angry or just quit the business altogether but it doesn’t have to be that rough. Sure the world of self-distribution has exploded and there are many revenue avenues for filmmakers today but it doesn’t have to stop there.

In this episode, I break down and analyze a bunch of successful filmmakers that created multiple revenue streams leveraging their feature film, doc, web series or short film. If I were you I would study each and every one of my examples. See how they did it, how they are doing it and how you can use their Filmtrepreneurial blueprint in your project.

Go out there and make your film and make some money too. Enjoy!



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