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Today’s guest gough, from Berrnuts Productions, really doesn’t let anything get in his way. When the rest of us are making excuses on why we can’t do this or that this legally BLIND director is making films he wants to make. You heard correctly, gough is legally blind and yet he’s a prolific film director running a production company, with employees I might add, and doing it his way. He has shot 14 short films and 1 feature film.

He’s a true inspiration to any filmmaker out there who says they can’t do it. When you listen to his story you will see what an amazing journey he has had to get to this point.

Here’s a bit on gough and his company:

Beernuts Productions is Australia’s most exciting and innovative production company. Founded by gough in 2006, Beernuts Productions has set out to prove itself as a prolific producer of contemporary, cutting-edge and award-winning cinema, television, downloads and books with a wide range of topics and projects to be undertaken.

“I Will Not Go Quietly” was Beernuts Productions first feature film project, a documentary discussing the important topics of mental health and disability. gough is the first legally blind person to write, produce, edit, direct and star in a feature filmmaking this project a world first. Since then gough has gone on to write, produce and direct many other projects, including a number of films, audio downloads, and books. Beernuts Productions has worked with some of Australia’s finest actors, artists, and production crew, helping make all content on the Beernuts Productions website world class.

Beernuts Productions also has numerous other projects in development and prides itself on its diversity and challenging range of topics and projects were undertaken, clearly demonstrating Beernuts Productions skills, fortitude and determination to entertain no matter the genre.

Enjoy my inspirational conversation with filmmaker gough.



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