How do you forgive someone for deciding to send you to hell? That’s the unusual problem Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is struggling with in the middle of “Lucifer” Season 4, because Chloe (Lauren German) was, well seriously considering sending him back to hell.

And though she did change her mind and go against the plan she’d been hatching with the mysterious Father Kinley (Graham McTavish) to send the Devil way down under, Lucifer is hurt enough by Chloe’s intentions that their relationship could be forever changed.

“It’s the first time there has ever been any betrayal between the two of them and Lucifer can’t get his head around the fact that the detective would do that, irrespective of the fact that she’s just found out he’s the actual Devil,” Ellis told TheWrap in the interview above. “It just for him seems like a step too far. Of course, he doesn’t take into consideration what a huge earthquake that was in the detective’s life. This woman of science and logic, all of a sudden the walls come crashing down around her and she realizes that heaven and hell do exist, and God does exist, and the Devil does exist — and she’s been mates with him for three years! And how does one deal with that?”

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