Seven years after confessing to doping and being stripped of his seven Tour de France victories, Lance Armstrong is creeping back into the sports spotlight. That return gave documentarian Marina Zenovich a unique opportunity for a no-topics-barred interview for her new ESPN documentary “Lance,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last month.

Zenovich spoke with TheWrap’s Steve Pond about working on the project, which was offered to her by ESPN after Armstrong agreed to participate. She notes that it was a different situation than the past documentaries she has worked on, as she had her main subject ready to talk to her when she started rather than having to spend time convincing them to let her make a movie about them.

“I was interested in tackling this because I was told I could ask him anything,” Zenovich said. “I’m not really a journalist. I’m a documentary filmmaker. It’s not like I’m Barbara Walters where I’m going after someone, but I felt like I could and he was willing to kind of go there.”

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