Image taken and emailed using JotNot

In my opinion, Yes. If you’re an indie producer or entertainment executive it’s irresponsible to not have the JotNot app.

So many film closings are, at some point, predicated on selling just one more key territory at a film market that is just prior to principal photography.  The sales agent is having drinks with the buyer; she gets them to say yes and they sign the short form agreement.  When the buyer steps away to order more drinks, the agent grabs her iPhone and snaps a picture of the form and, using the JotNot app, emails it directly to the lender and producer.  The financing is now complete — the film goes into production.

JotNot is a five-dollar iPhone app that allows the phone to act as a document scanner, then (using the phone’s camera) converts the doc to a PDF or JPG (your choice) and emails it out.  The best $5 the agent (or any entertainment executive who has had to procure a signature on-the-fly) has ever spent.

I normally don’t do product plugs, but this one works amazing.  The quality is equivalent to a fax (I’ve attached a “scan” of a document taken from the PA tax credit application that has fine-print and hand writing.)

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  1. I can’t believe I’ve been taking snap shots using the iPhone camera, converting the file to then archiving/eMailing.

    THIS will save a lot of time.

    Great suggestion.

    • Michael, Among other things, the advantage is being able to crop and convert the image (on the fly) into a pdf page, as well as to consolidate multiple images/pages into a single pdf document, and then email it straight from the jotnot app, at fax quality.


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