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Many of you know I have an obsession with Tommy Wiseau’s horrible masterpiece The Room. The joy I have when I watch is something that can’t put into words. So when I ran into Robyn Paris, she played Michelle in The Room, I lost my mind and completely fanboyed out. If you don’t know about The Room check out the trailer for The Disaster Artist, the film about the making of the worst film ever made.

She was awesome to chat to so I invited here on the show to discuss her experience making The Room, how much The Disaster Artist got right and to talk about her new mockumentary series about the actors of The Room called The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?

Robyn is current crowdfunding on Kickstarter to finish the series. If you are a Room fan like me give her and the other Room actors a few bucks so we can continue laughing.

Enjoy my honest, entertaining and even educational chat with Robyn Paris.



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