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Today on the show we have filmmaker and author Josh Folan. He’s a writer/director/editor/producer/actor – though not necessarily in that order – that began professionally making things people watch on screens in 2005, prior to which he studied finance at The Ohio State University.

Filmmaking highlights since founding NYEH Entertainment in 2008 include 2018 Hamptons/Woodstock/Napa selection Ask For Jane, 2017 SXSW audience award winner The Light of the Moon, 2015 Slamdance selection BODY, 2015 Raindance selection The Lives of Hamilton Fish, 2016 SOHO Int’l selection and 2017 Queens World best screenplay nominee catch 22: based on the unwritten story by seanie sugrue,

His new book, Still Filmmaking, the Hard Way, is a detailed recounting of the step-by-step process of the development, production, and distribution of three micro-budget feature films with one critical commonality – producer and fifteen-year independent filmmaking veteran Josh Folan.

Josh walks the reader through each and every painstaking step of the making of three sub-$250,000 USD films featured in the case study – Ask For Jane, Love Is Dead!, catch 22 – while explaining, scrutinizing, and contrasting the experience in a voice intended to entertain, not lecture.

The experience of producing sixteen feature films and a bevy of short, episodic, and commercial projects inform the words herein, across which countless mistakes and learning experiences were had by the author. Still Filmmaking, the Hard Way offers readers the opportunity to learn this laundry list of lessons at a tiny fraction of the cost of crippling your own film’s micro-budget.

Enjoy my conversation with Josh Folan.

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