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Today on the show we have filmmakers Bob and Margie Rose. They are the creators of the new film InstaBAND. InstaBAND is a film about today’s music artist and their hustle to try and achieve music stardom in a streaming world that no longer buys music. Featuring bands from across the country, InstaBAND offers an inside look into today’s music industry.

I wanted to have Bob and Margie on the show to discuss the lesson indie filmmakers can learn from indie musicians. I’ve been saying for years now that if you want to see what is going to happen to the indie film marketplace just look at the music industry. From the devaluation of media to creators going on the road and sell ancillary products and services to make a living with their art.

If you that the time to look you can learn these lessons and apply them to indie film. Enjoy my conversation with Bob and Margie Rose.

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