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Every once in a while I come across a filmmaking story so crazy it’s hard to believe, this story is no exception. Imagine you are a woman with a dream of making a period film about your passion, hot rods, and you have no money, work a 9 to 5 job, and have absolutely no filmmaking experience at all. You then spend the next FIVE YEARS learning how to make a film, shoot on the weekends, build all the sets by yourself, write, produced, direct, edit and even DP the film yourself. Oh did I mention she was an actor in the film as well?

Then you finally release the film to an adoring audience, win countless film festivals and make a boatload of money having screenings around the world and selling DVDs out of your RV. Sounds crazy right? If you think that’s impossible may I introduce you to today guest Faith Granger. Faith created the film Deuce of Spades and everything I said above is true.

I heard whispers of this film years ago and I always wanted to speak to Faith to see how the hell she did it.

Niche Audiences

I’ve been preaching from the top of the mountain that the future of indie filmmaking will be catering to Niche Audiences. Faith Granger and her film Deuce of Spades are the poster child for this concept. She found a niche and/or audience she could reach, create a product that she knew they would consume and sold that product to them. I can’t stress enough how import this concept is. In a world with so much content, it will be the niche content that cuts through all the noise.

Ultimate Indie Film Hustler

If that wasn’t enough she also released an INSANE documentary on how she did everything step by step called Against All Odds, The Making of Deuce of Spades.

Faith Granger is the definition of Indie Film Hustle and is a force of nature. I had to have her on the show to tell her story to the IFH Tribe. I hope this inspires you to go out and tell your story, make your film! There are NO LONGER ANY EXCUSES!

Enjoy my inspirational conversation with filmmaker Faith Granger.



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