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Today on the show we have returning champion Kyle Prohaska. Kyle is a Facebook Marketing Ninja. Kyle also specializes in promoting and marketing indie films.

He also has created insane followings for his own films. Check out this 1,000,000 follower Facebook page he created for his film Standing Firm. Get ready to take some MASSIVE notes on this special episode. Enjoy my epic conversation with Kyle Prohaska.

I wanted to bring Kyle back on the show to discuss a new system he is using to generate real money for filmmakers using Facebook ads. The problem I’ve always had using Facebook to promote indie films is ROI or Return on Investment. It didn’t make sense to me to spend twenty dollars to promote a $2.99 rental or worse a free watch on Amazon Prime.

Kyle has figured out a way to not only get a massive ROI on money spent but to also bring awareness to the film. If you are using or are thinking of using Facebook ads to sell your film this is the episode for you. Get ready to have your mind BLOWN!

Enjoy my conversation with Kyle Prohaska.

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