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Today on the show we have director and entrepreneur Jakob Owens. Jakob is a visual director based in Los Angeles California. He began directing music videos while still in film school at ASU. He began traveling to California so much for shoots that after graduation he made the leap to LA and has been directing music videos, commercials, and short films ever since. He is also the creator and owner of TheBuffNerds Youtube channel which has accumulated over 230+ million views and almost 800K + subscribers.

His work has been displayed on all of the major music television networks such as MTV, VH1, BET, REVOLT and more. He has collaborated and worked with artists such as Chris Brown, Wale, Jesse McCartney, Chamillionaire,  Nick Carter, The Braxton Sisters, iLoveMemphis, Dawin, Futuristic, KYLE, K. Roosevelt, Dizzy Wright, and much more.

Among his music video endeavors, Jakob is an avid world traveler. He travels the globe creating “Travel Films” of the various destinations he visits.

Jakob’s built a very strong social media fan base and following. He currently sells manuals and various filmmaking related products he has created to followers spanning across the world who hope to one day create videos like Jakob himself.

Jakob has really built one heck of an empire for himself. I wanted him to come on the show to share his knowledge, experience and tips on how the IFH Tribe can build up their own filmmaking empire.

Enjoy my conversation with Jakob Owens.



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