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Today’s show is going to be EPIC. Our guest is Matthew Helderman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Buffalo 8 and the BondIt Company. Buffalo 8 operates seven core divisions: development, production, post-production, distribution, client management, marketing, and creative branding services with accolades from the Sundance, Berlin, Toronto, Tribeca, and SXSW festivals.

At Buffalo 8, Matthew is endlessly passionate about creative storytelling, media technology, and the business of entertainment in equal quotients; we are the fusion of entrepreneurial ethos and quality content creation with a unified ambition to provide first-class service. With a background rooted in media production, finance, and digital technology he leads the team of both businesses on a daily basis.

We get DEEP into the weeds on how to raise money for indie films, how to approach investors, what companies like him are looking for and so much more. I learn a ton for this conversation and I know you will as well. Get ready to have your mind blown.

Enjoy my conversation with Matthew Helderman.

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