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Today on the show we have director Caleb Price. Caleb has directed a great documentary called Connect. Here’s a bit about the film.

In a social media-centered world, the smartphone​ has become a cultural rite of passage for kids. But is that rite all wrong? With six teens, Kirk Cameron fully understands this dilemma. So he went to the experts and what he learned will enlighten, challenge, and encourage parents. And best of all: it can help strengthen your family!

Connect isn’t the only reason I want Caleb on the show. Caleb and the star of Connect Kirk Cameron (80’s Hit Growing Pains, Like Father, Like Son) have used a​ pretty cool service to reach a MASSIVE Theatrical audience. The company is called Fathom Events. If you’ve ever been in an​ AMC theater you’ve probably seen a​ trailer​​ for a Concert, Ballet or Broadway play on Fathom Events but they also distribute feature films.

Caleb and I go into the weeds on how he used Fathom​ Events to sell and market Connect along with other of their past releases. This is a good one so get ready to take notes. Enjoy my conversation with Caleb Price.



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