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We have all been there. A film project that just goes on and on and doesn’t seem to have an end in site. While you are waiting for the punishment to finish your life starts to take a downward spiral into a blackhole. You look up and five years have passed and you wondered what the hell happened? That is exactly what happen to today guest filmmaker Theo Hogben.

Theo reached out to me to tell me his story in an almost 2000 word email, by the way please do not send me long emails I just don’t have the time to read them. For whatever reason I started read his email and his story of his five year odyssey making his short film, A Most Savage Beast, caught my ear. His journey down the dark rabbit-hole of filmmaking is a story I know many members of the IFH Tribe have gone or are going through right now.

I hope his story will inspire you to start or finish that film you’ve always wanted to do. To finish the screenplay you’ve been noodling around with for years. Get up off your butt and make it happen for yourself. Theo’s story is one of a phoenix rising. We all get knocked down but this business is all about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

Enjoy my conversation with Theo Hogben.

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