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In over 240 episodes of the Indie Film Hustle Podcast, I have never tackled​ one of the most important topics filmmakers need to know…AUDIO. Understanding sound is imperative if you are going to become a successful indie filmmaker. Today on the show we have Matt Davies and Rich Bussey from Studio Unknown. We discuss how to capture good audio, the entire sound post workflow and finally sound deliverables​. This episode is a must listen to for all filmmakers. 

Here is what Studio Unknown is all about: 

Studio Unknown believes in Visceral, Personal, and Affordable sound for film. It’s these core principles that not only guide us through the work we do, but strengthen the relationships we build with filmmakers.

We strive to provide soundtracks that heighten any film, no matter the budget or size. This takes forms like comedic timing we add through foley, terrifying creatures we create, lush or delicate ambiences we build, or deep, dark themes we extract through sound design. It can also be as simple in concept as making a character’s dialog clean and understandable.

We help prioritize budgets​ and consult with the filmmaker to help make appropriate decisions about what sound work is needed once we assess the film. We then explain and collaborate on how to approach the sound concepts, overall story arc, budget breakdowns, external workflow and turnaround time.

We are a full-service, Dolby® tuned/Print Master Approved facility equipped with a 5.1 dubbing stage and full in-housee editorial suites. Studio Unknown’s primary focus is on sound for film and we have developed a unique process for working with filmmakers that allows us to maximize client budgets and meet the tightest deadlines.

Enjoy my conversation with Matt Davies and Rich Bussey from Studio Unknown.​​​​​​



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