Heather Graham and the stars from the film “Half Magic” sat down with The Wrap Editor-In-Chief and Founder Sharon Waxman to discuss a really wide range of topics, ranging from sexism in Hollywood to what made “Half Magic” such an enjoyable film to make.

In the debut episode of The Wrap’s “Power Lunch” series, Angela Kinsey and Stephanie Beatriz also star in the film, “Half Magic”, which Heather Graham directed.

Sharon discusses where the inspiration for the film was derived, and what challenges they faced making a female comedy in an age where studios are reluctant to make content that doesn’t have strong male characters.

This is one of our longer videos we’ve ever done here at the Wrap, with a ton of interesting content in the interview we think you’d enjoy. Let us know what you think of our episode with Heather Graham in the comments below, and if you like our Power Lunch series.

This episode was filmed on location at Gesso Restaurant in Los Angeles.

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