Greetings from Tromaville! follows the life and work of independent film champion, Lloyd Kaufman, and the history of Troma Entertainment. Lloyd, along with his partner Michael Herz, founded Troma in 1974. Troma is an independent film company that has produced edgy, bold, humorous, and sometimes “over the top” films for more than 40 years.

Troma’s films make a strong statement about visual art and its psychological effect on viewers. Troma films now have a worldwide fan base and cult following. In fact, upon the announcement of the production of a Troma film, fans travel from all over the world just for the experience of being in a Troma production. Many come at their own cost and work in challenging circumstances.

Independent films like Troma’s, with innovative and shocking content, ultimately contributed to a change in Hollywood films, which followed Troma’s lead in presenting more graphic visuals. But behind their facade of sex and violence are often topical or political themes that even today Hollywood films won’t touch.

The documentary features interviews with “B” movie legends Roger Corman, Debbie Rochon, and Ron Jeremy, as well as actors Mark Torgl, Dan Snow, Robert Prichard, Gary Schneider, Bill Weeden, Will Keenan, Trent Haaga, Caleb Emerson, Jason Yachanin, John Karyus, Zac Amico, Mike Baez, and Vito Trigo. Also featured are Lloyd Kaufman’s wife and former NYS film commissioner Patricia Kaufman, Broadway playwright Joe DiPietro (writer of The Toxic Avenger Musical ), filmmaker Gregory Lamberson ( Slime City, Killer Rack ), and Lloyd Kaufman himself.

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