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Indie Film Hustle // Survive & Thrive in the Film Business

DVD is dead! Not so fast. Today’s guest is filmmaker Jeff Santo who has been making major money selling DVDs of his indie films for years.

Jeff has been an indie filmmaker for over 20 years. After been ripped off by a predatory film distributor on his first film he came back with a vengeance with his second film This Old Cub. He turned that film into a big success selling over 40,000 DVDs on my own website, marketing my film directly to his niche audience where he sold a total of 85,000 DVDs.

He repeated the process with his next film, Dead In 5 Heartbeats, which is a fictional feature based on the successful novel by Sonny Barger. The film was successfully released in a 14 city theatre tour, independently, in April 2013. Quickly followed by the 2 disc DVD release, selling in over 70 countries worldwide, and now released digitally on iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, and Sony Playstation platforms worldwide; swiftly becoming a cult classic amongst the motorcycle culture. He also sold over 30,000 DVDs world-wide, even when DVDs were supposedly a dead format.

If you do not have a niche film you got no shot today! This is the Filmtrepreneur way.

Jeff and I get into it in this episode, discussing his methods and techniques. Enjoy my conversation with Jeff Santo.

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