By now, “SEAL Team” fans are surely prepared for the weekly dose of adrenaline they get from the CBS military drama. But Wednesday’s episode may raise viewers’ blood pressure higher than ever before, as David Boreanaz says it features a moment “which has never been seen on television — ever.” And the “SEAL Team” star should know, seeing as he also directed the installment, titled “My Life for Yours.”

Boreanaz sat down with TheWrap last week to tease the episode, which shows his character, Jason Hayes, struggling over whether or not to take Bravo Team to save Ray (Neil Brown Jr.), who ended up on the wrong side of the landing spot when his parachute didn’t open on the last “SEAL Team.”

“It’s great to see how Jason has to decide at this specific moment — when landing he’s got a mission and an operation he’s gotta do and that’s what these guys do,” Boreanaz said. “And the guys are like, ‘Come on, we can’t leave Ray behind. We gotta go get him.’ And I’m like, ‘No, he’s gonna get to the exfil point, he knows what to do.’ And things like this happen, that’s what they’re trained to do.”

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