Ill gotten gains…

Fruit of a poisonous tree…

Lemonade from lemons…

Call it what you will, but as predicted in my previous post Online Piracy’s Silver Lining, the mainstream media’s marketing forces cannot resist the temptation of turnkey access to large consumers bases.

As Tricia Duryee reported in AllThingsD today, the Rhapsody music service has agreed to purchase Napster’s subscribers from Best Buy, who acquired the company for $121 million in 2008.

Consumer Laundering…

Operators of online piracy sites take note, you could be sitting on the next media gold rush: Consumer Laundering:

If you operate a pirating site (or know somebody who does), here’s a quick How To Guide for scrubbing your subscribers:

  1. Consolidate your massive ill-gotten subscriber database and corresponding consumer metrics;
  2. Convert the site into a legitimate commercial enterprise;
  3. Cease pirating and start retailing;
  4. If successful, make money;
  5. If unsuccessful, sell yourself to the highest bidder: big media, technology, consumer electronics, pharma, political parties, or whomever;
  6. Become a VC, lecture on Ted, write a book.


    • Although, on second thought….I guess it got the little guys tried to steal our movies, but made the big guys richer. Ahhhh, the story of life and Wall Street.


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