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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

No Dude You Can’t: Your Film’s Budget

Raise the money you need to execute your movie. If you can make it for less, great. But it's irresponsible to your investors to raise (and spend) more money than can be recouped. Not pricing your film's budget can give the impression that you and your team just stumbled out of a smoke filled van.

Why Films Under $2m Can’t Catch a Break

Something that bigger-budget producers unknowingly take for granted is the availability of different types of financing. But any ultra low budget producer (under $2m) can tell you with frustrating familiarity that they can fit their financing structure on a postage stamp.

Nicolas Chartier and the Hidden Hands Who Financed “The Hurt Locker”

You've all heard of the indiscretion that cost Nicholas Chartier of "The Hurt Locker" his Oscar tickets. This first hand account takes an inside financing look at Nic, "The Hurt Locker", and the risky business of indie film finance.

Money for Nothing: The Gappetite of Lenders

The gap market all but dried up last year (down from it's ridiculous 40% three years ago.) Now, the gappetite of lenders is back up to a respectable 20% of budget (while the gappetite of producers still remains at 100%).

The Scary Fate of Pre-Sale Deposits

When it comes to the fate of foreign presale deposits in packaging a film's financing, foreign sales as an institution are not in jeopardy, but the terms and conditions for the standard 20% deposit from the foreign buyers is.

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