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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Power to the People: The Democratization of Film

For indie filmmakers, Production is the first of the three barriers-to-entry to crumble under the weight of the masses. Finance and Distribution are next.

Be Warned – What 2011 Means for Filmmakers

The mantra for surviving 2011 and 2012 will be to swing for singles and doubles, not for fences. If you really know what your doing, then it's a great time to enter the film market. But if you don't...

YouTube Makes First Move Toward Original Content

In the highly competitive world of subscription VOD providers, YouTube has just moved the world closer to my prediction that Netflix will soon be producing original content.

Update: Cable Industry Launches Its Own Netflix

Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and Cox have banded together to launch Vutopia, a subscription VOD service that is being touted as a response to Netflix.

Netflix Can’t Sustain Premium Content

Netflix is being called to task on their streaming business model and their low-ball quest for in-season television series. Could stepping out from behind the first sale doctrine and their business method patents be their undoing?

Prediction: Netflix Will Soon Produce Original Content

Jeff Steele's prediction is he won't be surprised to see Netflix producing its own original content. And here is why: In the United States, Netflix already represents more than 20 percent of downstream traffic during peak times.

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