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Independent Producing Archives - Page 5 of 6 - Film Closings

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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

2010 Toronto Film Festival: Part 2

The Toronto Dutch Auction has picked up some steam, but it's going to take at least another AFM to clear out the supergap glut...

2010 Toronto Film Festival: Part 1

I'm heading to the Toronto International Film Festival, which kicks-off this week and marks the one-year anniversary of the credit crunch and market collapse that left the streets of last year's festival strewn with the bodies of dead deals.

Director Matthew Vaughn’s UK Film Fund

Director Matthew Vaughn proposed an interesting spin on UK tax credits that puts a fresh (slightly French) spin on the UK's tax credit programme. I think he is mostly correct and the US states should take heed.

Film Tax Incentives – Another One Bites the Dust

The demise of New Jersey's film tax credit program may be an indicator of what's to come in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and others. Producer beware, there's more risk than you may think...

Czech Republic now has 20% Film Incentive

The Czech Republic now has a 20% production incentive for films that spend more than CZK15mm (apx. USD $700,000) in the country.

The Politics of Zombies, An Indie Filmmakers Guide

As society's go-to metaphor for its Pandora's "box o' phobias" (genetic testing, big pharma, pandemics, rogue comits, religeon, communism, terrorism, and any other anti-Americanisms), zombies have, for decades, plagued the streets of small towns everywhere. It was only a matter of time until they clawed their way out of such pedestrian constraints and stormed the halls of international relations theory

Don’t Look East for Film Financing – Hungary Releases Dismal Projections

If you are planning on shooting in Hungary in the near future (or preselling to Eastern Europe), then you may find great opportunity as well as great opportunity for concern in the "very grave situation" facing the region.

My Film Finance Theory: As Goes Real Estate, So Goes Film

I have this theory that film financing follows real estate: as goes real estate, so goes film. This is nothing I can quantify with statistics; it's a gut feeling, solidified over time, observational, not empirical. And, hear me out, what's got me thinking we may be seeing more film investing is an increase in the sale of U.S. Treasury bonds.

Low Budget 3-D: Panasonic Brings 3-D to the Indie Market

For the indie film producer, the cost of hardware, the skills required of operators, and the extra shooting time it takes are all barriers to using 3-D. Panasonic's AG-3DA1 solves these problems. For about $30,000, you get the fully HD 3D camera, a monitor, and two pairs of stylish glasses.