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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent

Transformers 3 continues to top the chart for the second consecutive week, while Mr. Popper's Penguins and Screwed both make their debuts.

Union Busting 101

The 3 biggest obstacles to getting a movie made are unions, agents and producers. They're self-serving, only say "no", and care most about their credit.

Currency Woes – Why the Weak Dollar Is Helping and Hurting Hollywood

A week dollar is great for US producers looking to secure foreign pre-sale contracts, but it can also work against US producers looking to shoot abroad.

Online Piracy Has a Silver Lining

BitTorrent sites cost studios and filmmakers billions of dollars a year in illegal downloads, but they also provide marketing intel that is invaluable...

Currency Can Kill Your Movie

Hedging currency for a film production is one of the toughest decisions a producer makes. It’s the practice of managing losses, as opposed to capturing gains...


As a finance person, I spend a lot of time cleaning up after producers, which makes it easy to opine on their shortcomings and how they can better themselves. But I also spend just as much time cleaning up after investors who’ve jumped ship.

So How Much Should You Allocate to the Producer of Marketing & Distribution?

A producer recently inquired as to how much she should allocate to the producer of marketing and distribution (PMD), in her film's budget.Seriously? Another producer title?!While initially dismissive of that concept, I've actually come to terms with the viability and necessity of such a role, given the inability of most independent films to acquire distribution in the United States, which is mostly due to:

Film Closings’ Response to Chicago Tribune & Screen

Film Closings was featured this week in a Chicago Tribune article as well as in Screen juxtaposing what others in the state were saying and rallying for when it came to the IL film incentive. This post gives a broader understanding to our view on the credit climate overall. As well as a Pop Quiz.

Film Funds: It’s Not You, It’s Them

A lack of funding options is creating opportunities for new funds to enter the indie market; understanding their funding criteria is Job #1 for producers...

The IL Film Tax Incentive: Don’t Kid Yourself, Studios Aren’t Moved By It

It may surprise Chicagoans to hear, but Movie Studios don’t care about the Illinois tax incentive. In general, the only studio films that come to Illinois are those that have already established themselves with the "Cheaper than New York to film" Chicago look, like 'The Dark Knight', or those films that actually need Chicago, ‘Public Enemies’...

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