Note: If you are looking for the video featuring Jenn Lee discussing the financing of “The Hurt Locker” it is no longer available. That was a 48 hour special.

VIDEO  (BELOW): An Amazing Moment for Both of Them.

Nadine De Barros and Nicolas Chartier of Voltage pictures tell each other “They both can’t believe it!” after winning best picture for “The Hurt Locker” at a private screening party. Nicolas sheds a tear and I give him a hug and take a picture.


Nic watching the Oscars at his screening party

Friends and Colleagues watching on before “The Hurt Locker” sweeps anything at the Oscars

Nicolas Chartier (left) and Jeff Steele (right)


  1. I think these are the best videos made from the party. I actually learned something and you captured a moment with Nic and Nadine. Nice.

  2. This is all well and good and I’m sure a good time was had by all but I looked at some
    numbers yesterday and, by my calculations, the film has yet to recoup its budget.

    Worse, I looked up some statistics and was surprised to find that, on average, an Oscar win
    boosts box office or DVD much less than I had expected. Mr. Chartier is a hard worker and
    obviously filled with passion for this project.

    I look forward with anticipation to see how he maximizes these awards, or as the internet
    world says, “monetizes” the Oscars. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him.


    Andy Halmay

  3. Insightful comment Andy. You are correct. I have a feeling Summit will take care of the recoupment. As for Nic, we shall see. I know he is getting a lot of interest as a producer and even more work as a foreign sales agent, so I believe his future looks quite bright.

  4. Great research and read there Jeff.

    Thanks for the insight.

    As an aside, what kind of discount (from a lender) does a producer typically see when using their foreign pre-sales as collateral?

    For example, Nic gets 30% foreign pre-sales yet, I can only surmise a lender will discount the gross contract amount on those sales.

    Hope I stated my question clearly enough.


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