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Are you a bitter and angry filmmaker? Do you hate on other filmmaker’s success? Be honest! Then I hate to tell you but you are a Hater. On this episode, we dive into the mindset of being a bitter and angry filmmaker. I was bitter for most of my filmmaking career. Every time a new, young filmmaker would come into my edit suite with their $3 million indie film I’d say to myself…ย 

“Why did he get a shot? I’m as good as him. I’ve been busting my ass for years and no one is giving me any chances. This is some BS!”

It took me years to break free of that mindset. It was only hurting me and my filmmaking career. This episode might be the cold bucket of water over your head that you have been needing.

Getting ready for it. And if you are not that bitter and angry filmmaker then please share it with that bitter filmmaker in your life cause we ALL have one of those in our circle of filmmaking friends. Enjoy.



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