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Today I’m talking about marketing! Yup, marketing. If you, as indie filmmakers, do not understand branding, marketing, and social media YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT IN THE BUSINESS. I really want to get through to you guys. I’ve been consulting more and more filmmakers lately and I see there is a MAJOR disconnect between filmmakers and understanding the basics of branding (whether personal, company or project), marketing, and social media.

In this episode I’ll be discussing:

Tribe or Audience Building
Brand Marketing vs. Directing Marketing
Understanding your smallest viable audience
Brand Building
Building Your Personal Brand
Discovering how you can love the GRIND or your journey
Choosing platforms to build your brand
Content creation
Also below are six books that will help you along your path to understanding these basic concepts. I truly hope that you find value in this episode. The understanding, at a basic level, of branding, marketing, and social media is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s and tomorrow’s world.  Don’t get left behind. I want every single #IFHTribe member to make there dream come true, to build a better life for themselves and to love their own journey towards their goals.

Warning: this episode might make you think about stuff so beware! Enjoy and keep on hustling.



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