The American Film Market kicks-off today in Santa Monica and amidst all the parties and hoopla there is one list more exclusive than all others: the coveted list of Barred Companies and Individuals.

There has been a lot of speculation in the preceding weeks as to who was going to make the final cut, which AFMA just announced with great fanfare.

Following is the official list of companies, all of whom have been barred for “Non-payment of arbitration awards”

Art Port, Inc.
Brisbane Mgt. Corp. B.V.I. (dba Paris Filmes)
Echelon Entertainment II
Everest Motion Pictures
Eureka Pictures Co.
Global Motion Pictures
LNK Audiovisuals
Omega Entertainment Ltd.
Top Capital Entertainment Co. Ltd.
Yega Entertainment Co. Ltd.
And the one individual to make the list…
David Heavener.

If you see them hovering around (but not in) The Loews hotel, please congratulate them and remind them to update their LinkedIn profiles to reflect this dubious honor.


  1. Too funny Jeff. I always love to see who’s on this list but the interesting thing, is that this years list appears to be shorter than most of the lists from previous years.

    People are just getting wiser to the antics and the world is just that much smaller.

  2. I presume this list only covers scoundrels of the previous few months. My guess is that if it included guilty companies and individuals of the past decade, half of Hollywood might have made the list. Arbitration awards or court judgments get small result when the culprit is rotten to the core. I recall years ago on Tin Pan Alley there was a big fellow who collected debts. The rascals had respect for the man because he carried a big gun.

  3. I have a few more names and companies I can add to this list easily. Although, I guess if they didn’t screw over AFM they don’t get added.

    They walk around us looking like everyone else. Perhaps, that’s why the scarlet letter was invented.

  4. The PGA should do their own list.

    Want me write a guest post on the futility of relying on JAMS arbitration process that’s in so many contracts?


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