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Filmmaking during these crazy times is tough, if not impossible in some areas. Imagine acting on a set in the age of COVID-19. I wanted to bring a veteran actor on the show to discuss how these insane times are affecting actors and I could think of no better person than 25+ year acting vet Joseph Reitman. Many of you might recognize him as the co-star of my first feature film This is Meg.

Joe is best known for playing the villain in┬áHappy!,┬áMoney Monster,┬áLady in the Water’,┬áClueless, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,┬áand┬áThe Perfect Storm. We sit down in this episode and discuss how SAG is handling COVID-19, what it’s like being on set, and what the future holds for film production as we know it. This is a very entertaining and informative show.

Enjoy my conversation with Joseph Reitman.

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