Why I Do Not Film in Michigan

I have never recommended a producer film in Michigan, even in its heyday. Their film tax credit program has had problems on every level, from its inception.

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The Hero’s Guide to Film Finance – Special AFM Teaser

Page 2

You choose to target Avi’s friend.

Pushing past a gaggle of sales agents, you approach “Avi’s Friend” from behind.

I saw you come out of the elevator with Avi.

The man turns back to you, amused.

Are you a financier?

The man nods.

Nothing so formal.

You put out a hand to introduce yourself.

Nice to meet you. I’m a…

Will you: Finish your introduction with the word “Filmmaker”?

Or will you instead title yourself a “Producer”?

Which are YOU?

If you are a Filmmaker, turn to Page 5.

If you are a Producer, turn to Page 6.